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This comic found out a heckler was in love with her stand-up boyfriend and it just gets better and better

Here’s a very funny and totally lovely minute and a half courtesy of comedian Kelsey Cook over on TikTok.

It’s the moment from a gig when she finds out a woman in the audience is a big – very big – fan of her boyfriend, who’s also a comic.

And the way she handled it just gets better and better.

@kelseycookcomedy The problem with dating your favorite comedian is that he’s other people’s favorite too #standupcomedy #comedy #dating #relationship #marriage ♬ original sound – Kelsey Cook

Just in case that’s tricky to watch, here it is again shared on Twitter.

Absolutely love everything about that.

And here are just a few of the many things people said about it.

‘Haha if it’s Chad Daniels he’s my fav comedian also.’
Ashleigh Thiel

‘Hahah oh no it’s happening again ‘
Kelsey Cook

‘That girl did not have to keep going ‘

‘The way my eyes WIDENED at “no he responds!”

‘Mine too ‘
Kelsey Cook

‘idk who Chad Daniels is but I’m going to go to his show and just talk about how much I love Kelsey cook… for the sake of balance ☯️’

‘Home girl slipped up. “No he respon…” then she tried to switch it up. Ayyeeeee.’

Kelsey Cook

To conclude …

Source TikTok @kelseycookcomedy Twitter @SomaKazima