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Just watching this terrifying climb is enough to give you nightmares

Professional climber Amity Warme is almost like a human fly. Her background in gymnastics and her incredible strength and skill allow her to carry out some of the most difficult climbs in existence, such as the Book of Hate climb in Yosemite National Park.

Even watching it isn’t for the fainthearted./h4>

Naturally, it turned up on TikTok, where @marksmellybell shared it with just one relatable word …NOPE!

The comments were very entertaining.

Do people who do rock climbing know they don’t have to?

Ooohhhh so THIS is why the goats make that sound.

Camera man is…? Floating?

The best bit about rock climbing is you don’t have to do it. You can stay home and watch Netflix
Also ok.

Brad Foster

My wife just asked me what I was watching …
Lee Rasor Music

I can 100% guarantee I will never ever, neva eva, neva eva be in this predicament..

I don’t get the thrill of possibly falling to my death at one wrong slip.

The adrenaline rush and anxiety while second guessing if the anchor will actually hold of you fall is crazy.
Ryan Lee

Sometimes being poor is a blessing because the poor won’t think of this.
Maro gold

If you put the phone sideways, it doesn’t look that hard.

Nobody gonna mention the fact that her relief was that itty-bitty little “ledge”.

I didn’t breathe one time in that whole video.

There was some pleasing sarcasm from @Go2garret.

Good thing they have that Do not attempt warning, I was about to go buy rock climbing gear.


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