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This woman said a guy was too short for her on Tinder but when the tables were turned it ended predictably badly

Latest in an occasional series, Tinder exchange of the week is this, shared over on Reddit by Lopens_Left_Arm who said: ‘Sorry, another one of ‘those’ messages… Think I may have been a bit condescending .’

And there was no doubt whose side the internet ended up on.

‘Looks like you guys don’t see eye to eye on this one.’

‘A LOW blow.’

‘Reply that you’re currently on a height-gain journey and find it offensive yourself.’

“You tick all the boxes it’s just your height”

‘She absolutely wrote you off.’

‘People are allowed to have preferences, but why the heck did she even match and say all that. Very dumb on her part :/’

‘I’m just wondering what exactly she was expecting to happen after she said she’s taller than you.

‘She seems to understand perfectly well why the weight message would be inappropriate to say to a stranger, so why she thought her height message would have come across differently is beyond me.’

‘I thought you were polite and did a very good job of illustrating your point (though it was clearly over her head). Obviously your profile said you were 5’4” so why’d she match with you if that was an issue?’

‘The best part is that she answered your question inadvertently and still didn’t get it.’

And finally …

‘Are you on a height journey.’

‘Yes but it’s only a short journey.’

Source Reddit u/Lopens_Left_Arm