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An American shared the joy she didn’t know existed until she moved to the UK and it’s a proper eye-opener

You’ll probably already know the work of the fabulous @yorkshirepeach over on TikTok, American Lisa Dollan who’s been living in the UK for some time now and sharing her insights of looking at British life through a whole new pair of eyes.

And while she’s opening American eyes to life over here, it also gives Brits an insight into the lifestyle of her fellow Americans she left behind.

And this was a classic case in point, a particular joy which she said she’d never encountered before coming over here and it’s a proper eye-opener.

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We had no idea, we really didn’t … And neither did these people, it turned out (and they also had the occasional bit of very important advice).

‘Just be prepared to guard it 24/7 otherwise the neighbourhood also have a skip ‘

‘Last year a neighbour had one and couldn’t fill it, said we could all chuck and literally every other neighbour was running out with their rubbish to throw in someone else’s skip with complete delight.’

‘I get a skip about once every 6 months and it’s my favourite thing wait, you can’t get a skip in the US??? Where does it all go!?!?’
Danielle Lloyd

‘. You’re not wrong but this joy soon fades when you get up and it’s got someone else’s fridge and 4 computer chairs in it.’

This American still didn’t get it.

‘Sooooo can you explain what that is I’m an American in America and I don’t get it ‘

‘It’s a way of getting rid of anything from your house and garden without having to take it somewhere. You can throw anything in it!’
Charles Montaldo

Only one question remained for us Brits.

‘Do you not have skips in the US?’

‘Yes we call them dumpsters! Usually only for big jobs or remodeling.’

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