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James Buckley did an insanely hot chilli challenge on his podcast – and it went exactly as you’d expect

Actor James Buckley and wife Clair are the hosts of the very funny In Sickness and in Health podcast, in which they discuss relationship stuff – sometimes with guests.

Over on TikTok, they shared a snippet of their current episode ‘We Might Be In Trouble Here’, showing a little of what happened when James tried the One Chip Challenge.

Watch how that worked out for him.

@insicknessandinhealthpod James has FINALLY done the Hot Chip Challenge! ️ Check out this week’s spicy new episode to find out if James conquered or crumbled… Link in bio #insicknessandinhealth ♬ original sound – In Sickness and in Health

And that’s where the title of the episode comes from. Who would have thought that eating a chip made from two of the hottest chillis in the world might be painful?

There was a little admiration for James …but almost no sympathy.

It’s gotta come out too.
Ball Bag

I can’t even IMAGINE the acid reflux after eating that.

“1 chip challenge? Yeah mate ate a full bag”.

Never seen anyone eat the whole thing in 1 for this challenge so fair play lol, handled it better than most people who just nibble the edge.
Travis gn02

Haha I done this and lasted 10 mins … the next morning was as bad …
felt like the devil had done dirty things to me (twice).

Stephen Mulligan

To be fair, he dealt with it really well compared to some I’ve seen who are literally in tears with snot dribbling out their nose within seconds.

James briefly turned Aussie with the “Crikey”.

He had to have her open the milk, that right there says a lot.

That means they’ve covered the “in sickness” part now.

Every lad in the curry house on a Friday night.

Separating humans from the gods, that chip …

A thousand Dad Joke Points to Bennett for this –

My mate died of Heartburn.. can’t believe Gav is gone …

You can (and should) listen to the full episode here, and catch up with previous episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

There remains just one thing to be said.


What could go wrong putting the world’s hottest chilli in a bong?

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