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Just when these hilarious acknowledgements can’t get any more Australian, along comes the payoff!

Latest in a (very) occasional series, acknowledgments of the week go to – and stick with us, please – On Cosmological Low Entropy After the Big Bang: Universal Expansion and Nucleosynthesis by Charlie F. Sharpe, Luke A. Barnes, Geraint F. Lewis.

If you want to read the whole thing you can find it here – we’re saving it for later – but what we’re really here for is the acknowledgements.

Because rarely can they have been any more entertaining – or unexpected – that this.

And just in case that’s tricky to read.

‘The majority of the work presented here was undertaken as part of C. Sharpe’s honours year at the University of Sydney, but was originally conceived by G. F. Lewis.

‘We would like to thank A. Arbey et al. for making their AlterBBN code publicly available as this paper would not have been possible without it. G. F. Lewis received no funding to support this research.

‘C. Sharpe would also like to thank NSW police for ensuring a swift return of his belongings, including his laptop, after having them burgled from his house a few weeks before this paper’s submission.

‘Additionally, he would like to thank his neighbour, Gary, who spotted the burglar and, rather than simply phoning the police and staying put, decided to yell ‘you better run fast mate’ before chasing the man down the street, tackling him, pinning him to the ground, and then calling the police, all while still in his pyjamas and a sleepy daze.’

And if that paper’s half as entertaining as that, we’re giving it 5 stars. As did all these people.


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