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This baseball team had the time of their life absolutely nailing their Dirty Dancing tribute

Exhibition baseball team The Savannah Bananas aren’t just great at hitting home runs – they also put on one hell of a show.

Last month, they treated the crowd at Florida’s Financial Park to their interpretation of the Dirty Dancing classic ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’, and we can’t help feeling that Patrick Swayze would have approved.


@thesavbananas did we crush this or did we crush this #savannahbananas #bananaball #dirtydancing #baseball #fyp #patrickswayze #broadway #Loveyourboobs ♬ Confidence (sped up version) – Ocean Alley

We’ve never been so invested in what was happening on a baseball field as when they went for the lift.

TikTok users were all over it.

I’m Scottish and have absolutely no clue about baseball but Savannah Bananas have a new fan lol.
Lynsey Brown

It’s the way the rest of the team is keeping up with the dance moves that sells it for me.
Taya Burzlaff

Somehow this is like top 5 hottest things Ive ever seen.

This is such an awesome display of healthy masculinity. Sports, bonding, teamwork, dedication, friendship and fun.
Water Floof

Reasons I want to visit America: 1. Savannah Bananas.
Danielle Marshall

It took a few weeks, but it caught the attention of Twitter/X.







Of course, somebody had to say it.

Nobody puts the Savannah Bananas in a corner.

As a bonus, they are Kenough.

@thesavbananas Baton Rouge, your Kenergy is 10/10 #savannahbananas #kenergy #imjustken #oscars #kenough #ryangosling #geauxtigers ♬ Tell me ma – Cailan


Watch this brilliant homage to that Dirty Dancing scene – it’s 69 seconds of hilarious joy

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