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People are struggling to swallow this Aussie rules star’s bird swoop catastrophe

Australian rules football player Darcy Moore is the captain of the Collingwood Magpies. That’s an important point to remember.

He was demonstrating his kicking technique for Channel 7, when what has to be a million-to-one shot ended up with what’s going to be an interesting insurance claim.

The channel posted the clip, saying –

“So Darcy Moore’s attempt to show us his goal kicking didn’t go too well …”


So Darcy Moore's attempt to show us his goal kicking didn't go too well…

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What’s that they say about magpies? One for sorrow …especially for the car.

Now, the internet can be an excessively sceptical place at times, but when a footballer who plays for the Magpies gets swooped on by a magpie and kicks the ball at a light, which falls and smashes his car – all on camera – they may have a point.

Is this real??

This AI no way.

Multiple, so many questions.

It made its way to r/Unexpected, which is certainly the right place for it. Reddit users weren’t convinced either.

That fake camera wobble is always there.

The acting is atrocious.

That bird is about 4x larger than an Australian magpie lol.

Yeah a magpie swooping the Collingwood Magpies captain is a bit too good to be true.

Curse of the Angry Bird that escaped from the online game.

“How fake do you want this to be?”


That’s what you get for a shitty park job. The magpie knew!

Hope he bought a lotto ticket…you know, cause odds.

Commercial-Life-7454 was either convinced of its authenticity or being very, very sarcastic. See – they’ve got us all sceptical now, too.

All you haters in the comments are either blind or lack understandings of simple physics.

The Camera man stayed focused on Barbie’s twin brother and not the ball, because he got attacked by a psychotic bird. If you open your eyes, you can see the ball not only hit the light pole, but see it bouncing away.

The force, from a ball at that weight, could easy do severe damage to many things. Get your head out of the sand, rewatch & slow video down, as well as listen to all the sounds from start to end. Video is not edited!


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