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A troll took issue with this Flight of the Conchords song and Jemaine Clement’s epic comeback was better than Shakespeare

It started when a Flight of the Conchords fan shared this wonderful song from the fabulous series which we rewatch approximately once a year or so.

And we mention it not because it’s three minutes well spent – although it is – but because it caught the attention of this person who managed to take great offence at one lyric in particular.

To which this person had an entirely on-point reply.

Which – entirely predictably, perhaps – appeared to have little effect!

At which point Jemaine Clement – co-star, co-creator and co-writer of the show along with Bret McKenzie – got involved.

And he still wasn’t seeing it.

So it was at this point that Clement decided to turn it up to 11, and we’re very glad he did.


To conclude …

Source @AJemaineClement