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Kay Burley lists 12 cabinet ministers tipped to lose their seats but there’s only one James Cleverly reaction we’re interested in (wait for it!)

Here’s an absolute treat to make your day better, no matter what kind of day you’re having.

It’s home secretary James Cleverly listening as Sky News presenter Kay Burley lists 12 cabinet ministers – 12! – tipped to lose their seats according to the polls ahead of next month’s general election.

And fair play to Cleverly, he manages a pretty impressive poker face to all of them. Well, all except one, spotted by journalist Rob Hutton.

And we’d say see if you can spot it, but you already know what’s coming.

Well you can’t blame him. It’s just common sense, isn’t it?

That’s Esther McVey, scourge of rainbow lanyards and ‘fake flags’ everywhere.

And, of course, this.

The horror, the horror.

To conclude …

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