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17 people reveal the icks that instantly killed their crush on someone (and quite right too)

You’re never too old to have a crush on someone. And no matter what age you are, one of the surefire ways to get over a crush is to see that person do or say something so vile, that your hearts over your eyes immediately turn to skull and crossbones.

Reddit user falsepalpitation644 asked:

“What is something that instantly killed the crush you had son someone?”

And hooboy, did the responses come faster than you can block someone on a dating app.

There’s just outright rude, unacceptable anti-social behaviour.

“She threw the popcorn on the floor as we got up to leave the theater. And not like dropped the bag like flipped it and gave it a good shake for good measure.”

“Had a thing for this girl until she sent back food at an Indian restaurant bc it was too spicy, after being told it would be spicy and there was no other way to make the dish. She acted super condescending and demanding and it embarrassed me a tonnnn lol. You could tell she never worked for service haha.”

“Dude said, ‘I don’t say ‘Please’. It’s a beggar’s word.”

Can’t help but picture Ralph Wiggum as you read this one.

“When we were young, I gave her a Valentine’s card. She smiled while looking into my eyes, ripped the card without opening it & walked away while tossing it in the trash. It hurt terribly, but it snapped me out of that hypnotic trance. I learned personality is everything & it’s best to move on quickly.”

Then there were these A-students from Charm School.

“They called me stupid. To my face. In front of another person. Because I asked a simple, reasonable question while trying to make conversation. Yeah, never looked at them the same again.”

“He “accidentally” had a picture of his d*ck on his phone and ever so subtly made me look at it by holding it up to my face. When I asked what the hell he was doing, he said, “Oops! Wrong picture. What did you think, though?” Absolute disgust from then on.”

“Had a crush on a guy in high school. Overheard him saying he thought women should be silent and submissive. I was instantly repulsed by him.”

“He said it’s only cheating when girls do it, not when boys do it.”

Nothing worse than the crushes you actually get with and then there’s no chemistry. Or tongues take over.

“When he kissed me he wobbled his tongue in my mouth like some kinda lizard.”