Life etiquette

People are sharing the ‘common rules of social etiquette’ that should be immediately binned off – 21 to go ASAP

Look, nobody disputes that we need certain social rules to prevent civilisation from descending into outright barbarism.

But now and then, people feel the need to push back against commonly accepted rules of social etiquette, as Reddit user AirDesk recently discovered when he asked this.

“What’s a common social etiquette rule you just don’t agree with?”

And maybe that’s no bad thing sometimes, as these responses argue.

“Not taking the last piece of food on a sharing platter. The number of times I’ve seen a perfectly good piece of garlic bread go cold and get thrown away…”

“I have NEVER understood why people are afraid to tell someone else they have food in their teeth or something on their face. I’m going to be more embarrassed if I get home and see the lipstick on my teeth. AND I’m going to be annoyed with you for not mentioning it!”

“The rule I’ve heard for this is that if it’s something they can do something about in like 15 seconds, tell them, otherwise ignore it. So like, tell someone that they have food in their teeth or their fly’s down because those are usually easy to fix. But don’t tell someone they missed a spot straightening their hair or that there’s a stain on their sleeve (that didn’t just happen) because they can’t really do anything about it in that moment.”

“When you offer someone something, and they say no, even though they want it, and you need to keep offering it to them until it’s socially acceptable for them to take it.”

“Not putting the salary on the job advert”

“I hate the idea that you can’t talk about your salary with co-workers. There is 0 reason behind this besides the business not wanting people to know what others are making so they can keep pay lower for some.”

“Asking “How are you?” and expecting a standard lie in response.”

“Having kids hug/embrace every single person even though they don’t know them at social family gathering.”

“People getting pissy if you don’t open their gift right in front of them at the party.

People bringing gifts even if the invite specifically said “NO GIFTS”.

Obligatory gift giving in general.”

“Being “fashionably late”. The party is at 7, why is everyone showing up at 8-9? I find it so rude.”