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This Texan sports coach said it was ‘woke’ for kids to take water breaks and got all the responses they deserved

All sorts of things are ‘woke’ these days. And when we say all sorts of things, we basically mean anything that the Daily Mail disagrees with and decides it’s just a libtard conspiracy.

This time it’s not the Daily Mail but a sports coach who decided that giving kids water breaks in the sweltering heat – well, that was SO WOKE.

And their reasoning (such as it is) makes for a properly jaw-dropping read and got all the responses it deserved.

The Facebook post just went viral on Reddit where it was posted by bookworm8232 who said: ‘Heat stroke is woke now.’

Except that wasn’t all, and thank goodness for that, because these people surely said it best.

‘Fellas is it woke to drink water now?’

‘Army vet here. We were FORCED to drink water. Lots, and often. It’s not a weakness thing, the harder you push your body, the more water it needs. Dehydration leads to weakness and then death.

‘This coach is an idiot. He’s not ‘manly’ or tough or a hard ass, he is just an unintelligent little person with a big ego on a power trip over kids and parents.’

‘Pretty sure people dying from it being too warm outside is something that really happens.’

‘Korey Stringer, a professional NFL player, died of heat stroke at Vikings training camp, in Minnesota.’

‘No one has ever died from heat exposure? Odd, this must be a lie then; More than 300 Texans died from heat in 2023, the most since the state began tracking such deaths in 1989.’

‘Some failed ex jock has been watching too much Friday Night Lights.’


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Source Reddit u/bookworm8232 Twitter @AKBrews