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In Integrity, Professionalism and Accountability news, the Conservative campaign account changed its name to Tax Check UK and posted fake fact checks about Labour

If you somehow missed Wednesday night’s Leaders’ Debate on BBC, congratulations on your good life choices, but also – here are a few things to give you a flavour of what happened.

As the debate began, the Tory campaign Twitter/X account changed its name to Tax Check UK, and began ‘fact-checking’ Labour’s plans.

Here’s one of their posts.

Labour are ready and willing to tax your pension, for the first time in history, with their Retirement Tax.
With an image saying that Labour refuses to rule out taxing the state pension

Upholding a recent Conservative tradition, it was quickly visited by the Community Notes fairy.

The Conservative Party runs this account. Renaming the first part of the account to Taxcheck UK is misleading. The Conservative Party did this previously in an election campaign by renaming part of the press office account to ‘Factcheck UK.

Farrukh pointed out the hypocrisy.

In fact, a lot of people noticed immediately and called them out for it.

Nobody was impressed – but they weren’t surprised, either.










Emily Maitlis shared people’s sense of déjà vu.

Here’s how she called it out the last time they pulled this stunt.

Integrity. Professionalism. Accountability.

In conclusion …


Watch James Cleverly lose his rag when Krishnan Guru-Murthy stemmed his flow of Tory talking points

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