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This Newsnight takedown of Kwasi Kwarteng was so brutal you could almost feel sorry for him

Chancellor for 15 minutes Kwasi Kwarteng was on Newsnight on Tuesday night to pick over the rubble of the Conservative party’s election defeat (and no, he wasn’t wearing a T-shirt with his face on it).

Kwarteng’s not in government any more, obviously, and he’s not even an MP either. Which got his fellow guest, climate activist Mikaela Loach thinking and her takedown was so brutal you could almost feel sorry for him.

And just in case you were thinking of feeling sorry for him, watch this.

‘All that political stuff.’ Like people’s lives and everything. LOL.

And here’s what people made of all that.

To conclude …

And this.


Lee Anderson’s been made chief whip of Reform UK and of all the hilarious takedowns this one said it best

Source @Zero_4