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Cat Bin Woman wows Dragon’s Den

Somehow BBC TV executives had managed to keep it a secret, but the collective Dragon jaw dropped last night when who should walk up the stairs into their quasi-industrial ego-studio but Youtube superhero Cat Bin Woman, a.k.a. Mary Bale.

 Dressed in a smart suit and dragging what looked like the wheelie bin that will be forever attached to her name, Mrs. Bale shocked, wowed then wooed the Dragons as she demonstrated her new invention: the Cat CaBIN.

I got fed up with all the bad press,” she told the Dragons, “so I decided to find a way to turn misfortune into opportunity. It just came to me one I was in the bath – bingo! – the Cat CaBIN: a versatile, affordable, attractive cat flap-cum-bin-cum-cat home, ideal for people who want to throw cats in the bin – in a nice way.”

 The Dragons were lining up to chuck some cats Mrs Bale had brought along into the caBIN.

 It’s the best thing I’ve seen on this programme,” gushed Duncan Bannatyne, “even better than the Bonsai Garden Hadron Collider or that clip-on Caps Lock Finger.”

 He immediately offered to invest, as did Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis, who was visibly drooling with entrepreneurial intent, “It’s going to massive,” he enthused, “in fact, it’s going to be bigger than massive. I believe the Cat CaBIN could go on to be the biggest-selling pet shop sensation since 1985’s smash hit, ‘West End Girls’.”