BNP protest Edinburgh Zoo pandas

Nazi News: The British National Party is organising a series of protests against the recent deal to bring two giant pandas from China to Edinburgh Zoo.

“It’s just another example of the Government making a u-turn and breaking election promises,” said a BNP spokesman in a vest.

bnp protest against pandas from china

“We were told that immigration would be restricted, but the fact these two black and white bastards are coming over here and living in our zoos at the expense of the taxpayer is further proof that we can’t trust a word politicians say.”

BNP pamphlets suggesting that decent, hardworking, British-born zoo animals have been shot or made homeless in order to pay for the pandas have been circulated around Edinburgh, and it’s thought that this weekend will see several fat men congregating outside Dagenham tube station to shout and burn some chopsticks.

“It’s the man on the street I feel sorry for” said one Scottish BNP supporter. “All these extra Pandas in the UK will drive up the price of bamboo, making it unaffordable for the average British family.”

The Government insists that the Pandas are strictly on loan, and will not be given working visas or the right to claim benefits – a promise that BNP leader Nick Griffin has ridiculed.

“Once they’re here they’re here, it’s only a matter of time before they’re claiming the dole, or running a restaurant and cockle-picking. God I hate Pandas. They can’t even pronounce their r’s properly – and they’ve got funny eyes.”

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