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Katie and Alex anniversary plates going cheap

Jordan News: Hundreds of thousands of dinner plates commemorating the first year of marriage between Katie Price and Alex Reid could end up buried in a massive pit if the couple confirm their split.

katie price alex reid commemorative plate

“I’m gutted,” said Jim Butler, CEO of novelty plate firm Plates ‘n’ Things. “We had placed a bulk order, we were just a month or so away from the happy event – and now this happens. It’s the Peter Andre commemorative mouse mats debacle all over again.”

“Some questioned if the 350,000 plates I ordered would be enough to meet demand. But, never, not for one minute, did I question whether their marriage would last. Jesus! If these guys can’t make it, what hope is there for Will and Kate?”

Offers to donate the plates to various U.K homeless shelters have already been politely turned down.

“I’m sorry, but we couldn’t expect anyone to eat their dinner off one of those,” said Vicki Le Mont, spokesperson for the charity Sleeping Out.

“People would never clear the plate. Imagine finishing your meal gazing into those cold, lifeless eyes. It’d be like trying to scoop peas from an abyss of desperation.”

If the couple do split, it’s widely thought that Reid will get half of everything Price owns as no pre-nuptial agreement is in place.

A close friend of the cage fighter said, “Alex wants the marriage to work. Think about it – what is he really going to do with half a warehouse full of unsold Katie Price branded riding gear?”