Clarkson killed by Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

Clarkson Latest: Television personality and ‘massive motorhead’ Jeremy Clarkson was tragically killed in the early hours of this morning when the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square fell onto his car as he drove past. CCTV images show the terrifying moment when the 20 metre-high Norwegian spruce toppled over, crashing straight into Clarkson’s Mondeo.



While the entertainment world is still coming to terms with the shock, there has been a visible outpouring of grief from the country’s motorists.

Some have left their cars in designated spaces near and around BBC Television Centre. Drivers on the M25 this morning held a spontaneous ‘go-slow’ between around eight o’clock and just after ten. A similar mark of respect is expected to take place this afternoon from about five-ish. The same will happen tomorrow.

Police say the star, who was rushing to a private performance of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, was killed instantly. Eye-witnesses say the iconic tree had been swaying dangerously due to unusually high winds but police are currently refusing to give further details.  Reports that several high-profile members of UNISON were seen running away from the area remain unconfirmed.

Story: Jasper Gibson

Images: Q4Nobody