Hospital Shut Down After Surgeons Stolen

A hospital in Wales was forced to close after all of its surgeons were stolen on Wednesday night.

Hospital managers said the theft of 23 surgeons was “dangerous and irresponsible”. They also confirmed that nearly 30 operations and several rounds of golf had to be cancelled due to the shocking theft.

“This latest burglary means we’ve lost over 100 surgeons in the last 12 months,” said NHS spokesman Angharad Berwyn-Bleddyn-Cadfael.

“It’s depressing that, for these thieves, the monetary value of surgeons is of more consequence than the life saving operations they perform.”

South Wales Police have teamed up with other agencies across Wales to launch a crackdown on criminals who trade in stolen surgeons.

Detective Inspector Glynn Heddwyn-Merrion-Myfanwy-Madoc said that by the now the surgeons have been melted down and are being used to run pharmacies across the border.

“We believe at least two of the surgeons have already been sold in England and are now behind a prescription counter in Boots.”