‘Planking’ Overtaken By New ‘Flooding’ Craze In UK

Weather News: The popular craze for ‘planking’ has been overtaken by a new trend in the UK – ‘flooding’.

Planking – also known as the “lying down game” involves lying face down in a public place and having your picture taken – has now been replaced by a new craze called ‘flooding’ – in which people stand around in distress as they look at their home or small business that has been ruined by floodwater.

“Planking is out, flooding is in!” said Chris Cornflake, 23, from County Durham. “With flooding, you don’t even have to get a friend to take your picture and upload it to the internet – you just wait for a local news crew in a dinghy to sail past, and they’ll shoot a professional video of your grief!”

The craze, also known as the “life is ruined game” – started in the South of England and is expected to sweep across the country, becoming incredibly popular in low-lying areas of the North within a matter of hours.

Story: Simon Swatman