Colin Farrell’s eyebrows to pursue own acting careers

Hollywood News: Actor Colin Farrell is said to be ‘desolate’ after a decision by his eyebrows to split from him, citing ‘creative differences’.

Colin Farrell's eyebrows leave to pursue own acting careers…

According to Hollywood insiders, the trademark brows have left the 36 year-old star bereft of any expression.

“How can I go on without the fundamental acting tools at my disposal?” Farrell was reported to have told friends.

Tom Chevrolet, agent for the brows, said, “No disrespect to Colin, but as respected film critics have noted throughout his acting career, the boys were the sole emotional powerhouse behind the Farrell package.”

The brows have already signed a deal with arthouse movie director Paul Thomas Anderson to star alongside Angelina Jolie’s Brazilian strip.

Meanwhile, Farrell is trying to cultivate a new creative partnership with a moustache and half-goatee combo.

By @Brandy_Snap