The Greatest Goofs In Movie History

Even major Hollywood blockbusters make mistakes – find out the biggest cinema goofs with our exclusive guide!

1. Princess Leia Has The Burger King Logo On Her Tunic

This basic wardrobe error was put down to actress Carrie Fisher mixing up the space-tunic she wore to relax in between takes, with her space-tunic used in the film. Director George Lucas says he failed to notice the mistake becuase he was thinking about the millions he’d make out of the toy franchise.

2. Gandalf Wears Novelty Sunglasses In Lord Of The Rings

Fans of the original books by J. R. R. R. R. Tolkien were outraged at some of the goofs in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, not least in this scene when Gandalf wears a pair of beer bottle novelty sunglasses. Director Peter Jackson defended the mistake, arguing it ‘brought some humour to all that boring orc shit’.

3. Mr. Big’s Third Eye In Sex & The City

2008’s big screen version of Sex and the City is famous for a number of things, most notably the various continuity errors with the third eye on Mr. Big’s forehead. In one shot it’s open, in the next it’s gone! What where the filmmakers thinking?

4. Tom Hanks Has An Erection Throughout Forrest Gump

Crotch-centric movie fans will have noticed this classic goof, though it may not have been obvious to the rest of us, who like to look actors in the eyes. Hanks blamed the wood he sports throughout the films 142 minute running time on the humidity while filming in Savannah, Georgia.

5. John Travolta Turns Into Lego In Pulp Fiction

The characters of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield have many memorable scenes in Pulp Fiction, but eagle eyed viewers may notice in one shot John Travolta turns into Lego. Director Quentin Tarantino blamed this goof on a ‘misunderstanding with the makeup department’.

By Simon Swatman