22 astonishingly awful homemade Christmas cards

It’s time to create that perfect homemade Christmas card – here’s 20 ideas to inspire you.

1. This outstanding use of taxidermy (from the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico)

2. Recently divorced?

3. Injured and in pants

4. The Naked Dad

5.‘Sexy’ pregnancy

6. Man, cat and knitwear

7. World’s loneliest dog

8. The Millennial Family

9. A Medieval Christmas

10. Where awkward kitsch meets triumph over adversity

11. All families are special at Christmas

12. Merry Christmas (From Prison)

13. A Natural Christmas. (OMG! WTF!)

15. Christmas is a time for love (via)

16. It’s important to coordinate your outfits.

17. Nothing sinister about this at all

18. The virgin birth [via]

19. Spot the hidden treat [via]

20. Or annotate a shop card [via]

21. Include family pets

22. Warn potential burglars not to mess