Things That Are More Popular Than Nick Clegg

By harnessing the data-crunching power of Google Trends, here are five things that are statistically more popular than the Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

1. Toilet Paper
Is the deputy leader of the sixth most powerful country in the world more popular than a roll of arse-cloth? Only for a very short time in October 2012.


2. Clowns
Everyone hates clowns, a University of Sheffield study called them “frightening and unknowable”. Surely Nick Clegg is more popular than that?


3. The Antiques Roadshow
Is Nick less popular than a deeply tedious show where people parade their family trinkets and gaudy heirlooms in the hope they are worth millions? Only briefly.


4. A Towel
That’s right – a damp bit of cloth you dry your genitals with is far more popular than Nick.

Surely the deputy Prime Minister is more popular than a horrific disease that has killed millions? Have you not been paying attention?