U.N To Deploy Hashtags To The Middle East

World News: The United Nations will deploy a number of hashtags across various social media sites in an attempt to defuse the violence in the Middle East.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the U.N will no longer ‘sit back and watch’ as thousands die across Iraq, Gaza and Syria – and will take inspiration from the recent trend on social media for holding up bits of paper with hashtags written on them.

“It stopped Boko Haram dead in its tracks, and I haven’t heard a peek out of that Kony guy recently,” said the Secretary-General.

“Once the U.N social media team has had a few meetings to discuss online strategy, SEO and message synergy, we will roll out the hashtags across a number of territories – including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”

“We will begin the campaign with a #stopkillingpeople hashtag, but are unafraid of taking things further and using #ReplaceSongTitleWithPeace if that doesn’t engage with social media users enough.”