23 Telltale Signs You Live In A Hipster Neighbourhood

Hipsters are now so mainstream there’s a very real danger they have already infiltrated your neighbourhood. Here are some telltale signs.

1. There’s an abundance of overpriced, locally sourced organic produce on sale.

2. Socks with ‘meat’ on them is the least awful thing someone’s wearing.

3. The unusual cycling choices.

4. Hair inspired by a Walnut Whip.

5. The three B’s – beards, braces and bro’s.

6. Artisanal skateboards.

7. Bars and cafes are forced to operate strict door policies.

8. People insist that no good books were ever written on a computer.

9. Ironic misunderstanding t-shirts.

10. Portable Vinyl

11. Crafting like it’s 1699.

12. People looking for the ‘next big thing’ in personal transport.

13. Poetry busking.

14. There’s ample Penny Farthing parking.


15. The iPhone accessories.

16. Everything this man is wearing.

17. Trying to turn a tube carriage into a mid-century modernist sitting room.


18. The local shop will convert your digital films to VHS

19. People were wearing turbans before they were cool


20. Snowmen are too mainstream


21. But the pets are tedious


22. You ask to borrow a USB stick and get handed this

23. The neighbour’s kids like to ‘trick or treat’ as Andy Warhol

If you’re not sure if you’re one yourself consult this handy flowchart