Damian Lewis’s mouth ‘far too small’ to play James Bond

Movie News: Damian Lewis has emerged as one of the frontrunners to take over the role of James Bond when Daniel Craig steps down, despite the fact that his mouth is simply far too small.


William Hill now has Lewis as 6/4 to follow Daniel Craig as 007 despite negative internet reaction at the idea of the Homeland actor taking over the role.

“The idea of casting Lewis as James Bond is just ridiculous,” says Bond expert and 007 forum webmaster Mike Dennis.

“If you’ve actually read any of the books, Ian Fleming specifically describes Bond as having ‘cold eyes, with something a bit cruel in his completely normal-sized adult mouth’.

Clearly this rules Lewis out of the role, as his mouth is freakishly child-sized – or like a kitten’s arsehole.”

Another angry fan took to Twitter to express their disgust: “A tiny mouthed Bond makes a complete mockery of an otherwise wholly believable world of submarines that look like crocodiles, invisible cars and flamethrower bagpipes.”

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