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This list of jobs from the 1881 census proves the British have always had a great sense of humour

Jordan Erica Webber has shared an amazing thing on Twitter, “things people in Britain gave as their “rank, profession, or occupation” on the 1881 census.”

Some are clearly jokes, and some are clearly just… jobs.

Here’s a more complete list if you really want to get into detail, and oh such detail

52 Years an Imbecile
Artificial Scone Maker
Assisting at Mangle
Beef Twister
Bottie Washer
Boy for General Purposes
Can Make Nothing of the Paper
Carrot and Mangle Salesman
Cleans Onions
Clod Hopper (Ft)
Colourist of Artificial Fish
Count as Female
Cow Banger (Ag Lab)
Curer of Smokey Chimneys
Custard Maker (Carpet)
Decayed Publisher (No Occ)
Describes Himself as Leaving No Trace
Disinfector of Railway (Oths)
Dog Performer
Driving Channel Tunnel
Egg Breaker
Egg Cracker
Electric Bath Attendant
Employed with Head Off
Examiner of Underclothing
Fatuous Pauper
Feeder in Bump Factory
Feeding Boy to Printing Machine
Ferret Weaver
Fish Bender
Follows Wifely Occupations
Formerly Fat
Gold Fish Catcher
Grape Dryer
Gymnast to House Painter
Hand in Hartleys Jam
Head of Female
He Play All Day Long
Invalid Kings Evil
Invisible Net Maker
Keeps Own House at Home
Knight of the Thimble
Knocker Up of Workpeople
Maker of Sand Views
Negro Comedian White Eyed Musical Kaffir
Pensioner in Charge of the Magnet
Prime Minister (No Occ)
Proprietor of Midgets
Proprietor of Solution For Protection of Turnip From Fly
Random Waller
Ripper Coalmine (Blows Roof Down)
Rotters Boy
Running About
Runs Abt Selling Fish (Hawker)
Rust Attendant at a Lavatory
Sampler of Drugs
Seperated from Head
Sick Maker
Slob Brickmaker
Supposed to be a Lady
Teacher of Wax Flowers
Tender of Charge of Cubes
Tool Maker (Screws) Wife
Travels With an Entire Horse
Turnip Shepherd
Unsettled Through Recent Death
Very Feeble
Watchmaker Master (No Hands)