The house with a bus shelter right on its doorstep. Literally

The good news is you don’t have to walk far to catch the bus. The bad news is there’s a bus shelter blocking the entrance to your house so you have to climb over the fence to get in.

The new-build house in Derbyshire is on sale for £140,000 (great transport links!)

Don’t bother booking an appointment with the estate agent, just catch a bus from Nottingham to Derby – H1 Trentbarton bus route – and peer in through the first floor bedroom window.

Local Julie Newing posted photos of the shelter on her Facebook page. She told the Derbyshire Times:

“I noticed it a couple of days ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. The bus stop is part of the main bus route from Derby to Nottingham and it is still in use. Home with great transport links nearby!

“It’s hysterical because anyone living in that house wouldn’t even be able to catch a bus because the shelter blocks their path.

“When there’s so much rubbish in the world going off in the world, you need this sort of thing to brighten your day.”

Reminds us of the worst positioned street lamp in Britain.