A kid’s ingenious home-made book contains an important message about dabbing

A Twitter user named Simon McGarr shared images of a book that was written and illustrated by his young son.

In case you missed any of that, this is the story:

“The Man who Dabed

Once upon a time a man dabed

then a meteor hit him


But he didn’t die.

He wasn’t feeling so good, so he dabed again

Then, a lion that escaped from the zoo ate him.

Moral – DON’T DaB”

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with journalist, Sinead O’Carroll, describing it as “a masterpiece” and author, Claire Allan, adding “Your son rocks.

It has been shared over 40 thousand times on Twitter, making it more successful than Milo Yiannopoulos’ autobiography.

The good news is that Mr McGarr Jr. has another work in progress: