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Ghoulish old lady puts the frighteners on commuters

A ghoulish old lady has been spotted around London this week, giving commuters a rush-hour shock on their way to work.

The spine-chilling, sinister senior has been seen riding the tube on a vintage rocking chair and other locations including Oxford Street.

Radio DJ Jamie East tweeted ‘Wtf. Never riding the jubilee line again’

Turns out the creepy character is set to feature in ‘Fanta’s Twisted Carnival’, a Halloween attraction that will be touring the country in the run up to Oct 31.

The ghoul was unleashed on the public by producers today to test reactions to her prosthetic makeover ahead of the tour.

Fanta’s Twisted Carnival, which features immersive theatre and illusions, will tour venues across the country including Thorpe Park, Westfield London, Birmingham’s Bullring & Grand Central and Liverpool One.