‘Too nice’ guy demonstrates absolutely the worst way to speak to a woman and got all the responses they deserved

Dating is practically a minefield these days, perhaps more than ever before.

There may be plenty of ways to meet someone special, with dating apps and social media as well as real-world situations, but you still have to know how to talk to people.

Over on Reddit, someone called SerenaLlia shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with someone who definitely needs lessons in relating to others – and manners.

Now, call us old fashioned, but when was that ever an acceptable way to introduce yourself? It didn’t impress the Reddit users who spotted it, either.

Some people suggested when it would be okay to say this.

So …not strangers you want to get to know, then? How shocking.

Whether Mr “Sup slut” is too nice or not – and he’s not – he should definitely read this comment.


Source: Reddit