We’re not sure whether this is the worst quiz answer or the best

Being on a televised quiz show must be terrifying, so it’s understandable that a contestant might not be able to think of an answer in the heat of the moment, but you’d hope they’d come up with something that has the best chance of being right. That’s not what happened here, but it’s a very special guess.

Alright, we know those portmanteau names were huge for a while, but really? That’s the guess she went with? Imagine the odds of that being correct – it’d be worth a hell of a lot more than anything Jeopardy has to offer. People reacted in a variety of ways.

Someone pointed out an incredible fact.

Yes – Bey-Z is a thing, although not the thing the unfortunate Jessica thought it was, which means that at least two people looked at the names Beyoncé and Jay-Z and thought “That should be smashed together as Bey-Z.” and we just don’t know what to think anymore.

Whatever you think of Bey-Z, you have to admit it isn’t as out there as this reply on The Weakest Link.

We’re doomed.

H/T: Indy100