‘My shower control’ is the most relatable thing we’ve seen this week

‘My shower control,’ said electriclunchmeat over on Reddit and it’s the most relatable thing we’ve seen this week.

And it turned out it’s not just us, obviously.

‘I rented a place that had two controls, volume and temperature. I set the temp one time and didn’t touch it for months, just turned the shower on and jumped in it was perfect every time.’ finacialcompost

‘I have a weird habit of taking a shower at the bearable temperature, and then for the final 30 seconds or so, I stand there lowering the temp lower and lower as close to absolute zero as possible before jumping out. Its a weird hobby.’ Sqyr3l

‘I’m the opposite. I go hotter and hotter until I get out. Or until the hot water runs out.’ imakeninjascry

‘I don’t see my wife’s setting on here. Can you add “That guy’s wife,” to the empty space after Corium?’ r3solv


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Source Reddit u/electriclunchmeat