The Telegraph said Marcus Rashford’s campaigning might be affecting his football – 5 winning responses

To the world of the Daily Telegraph – stick with us – where the paper is concerned that Marcus Rashford’s extraordinary and hugely effective campaigning on behalf of hungry children might be affecting his football.

The paper, where Boris Johnson wrote a column before he became prime minister, suggested the Manchester United star ‘was not at his best’ against Burnley on Tuesday and wondered if all that campaigning (forcing Johnson into U-turn after U-turn, that sort of thing) was to blame.

It prompted no end of responses as you might imagine – well, they did ask people to join in the discussion – and these 5 said it best.

Just in case you’re wondering exactly how much Rashford’s campaigning has affected his game, the Telegraph article helpfully provided them at the end.

‘The most important statistics do not show a player who has been distracted or drained. After 18 games this season, Rashford has already scored seven goals and this was his fifth assist. Last season, he scored 17 goals in 31 games with seven assists. The year before that, it was 10 goals and six assists in 33 appearances. In 2017/18, it was just seven goals and five assists in 35 games.’

Sounds like the more campaigning he does, the better he gets.


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