Daisy Ridley’s Bake Off toilet cake wasn’t exactly flushed with success

This year’s Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer hit the ground running on Tuesday evening, although minus the presence of Noel Fielding, whose partner, DJ Lliana Bird, recently gave birth to their second baby.

His co-host, Matt Lucas, held the fort admirably.

If you don’t want to see any spoilers, head off now – but come back when you’ve caught up with the action.

As always, four hopeful celebrities stepped up to do their bit for charity – and attempt to win the coveted Bake Off apron.

First up for 2021 were:

Comedian Rob Beckett – who got a Paul Hollywood handshake.

Comedian Tom Allen, who was Noel’s Bake Off stand-in host at Christmas, when he began his paternity leave.

Singer Alexandra Burke, whose showstopper looked more than a bit tasty.

But it’s fair to say that Star Wars actor, Daisy Ridley, was the celebrity tweeters had been looking for.

Her presence forced the direction of the inevitable jokes.

When the bakers were asked to make a cake representing their bugbears – the things that really irritate them, Daisy opted to represent a toilet with the seat left up – as you do.

She may not have been flushed with success, but both she and the viewers looked like they were having a blast.

We know you were waiting for this to appear.

Oh, and if you were wondering who won –

Congratulations, Alexandra.

We can all still donate to Stand Up To Cancer by following the link.

Don’t forget to tune in for Episode Two – Attack of the Scones.


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