Child’s sweary reaction to seeing a goat in their garden goes wildly viral

Mum Sophie Smith went viral – wildly viral – after she shared this video on TikTok of her two-year-old daughter Ivy’s reaction to seeing a goat in their garden.

And this is why.


There's a fucking goat outside ##viral ##goat ##kidsswearing ##2yearold ##funny

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A lovely, funny watch and totally relatable for parents everywhere (the swearing, not the goat in the garden bit).

As you can probably tell, she was repeating her mum’s entirely understandable reaction a few moments earlier.

Here’s just a little bit of what Sophie told Stuff in New Zealand.

‘I’ve had a lot of really positive comments … and then I’ve also had quite a few hate comments of people saying really negative things. [Ivy’s] two, she obviously doesn’t know what it means … she is not using this language on a daily basis.

‘If anybody says that they’ve never sworn before … have a goat come into your property and then tell me otherwise.’

Too right.

The clip was shared on Twitter by @ginoiseau and here are just a few of the many comments it prompted.


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Source TikTok @ivyandsophiesmith Stuff