Simon McCoy nailed his performance of the unofficial Headline of the Year

The New York Times is definitely in the running for a Headline of the Year award for this absolute belter about a recently published study into the method by which snowflake morays catch food from the land.

It is, of course, a nod to the Dean Martin hit, ‘That’s Amore’ and Twitter’s been doing the same joke for years, but the NYT has to get brownie points for putting into an actual headline, right?

Naturally, they got plenty of admiration online.

Some people had a go at rewriting the song for themselves.

But the best moment of all must be how Simon McCoy presented it, over at GB News.

Strong ‘child forced to perform for Grandma’ vibe.

It looks like he’s going to be the light relief over at the controversial new channel, much as he was at the BBC, so if they decide to make it into a feature, perhaps he’d like to have a go at this one.



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Source GB News Image NYT, Screengrab