This alternative Matt Hancock resignation video is almost as cringeworthy – and a lot funnier

The Matt Hancock story – and we don’t need to specify which one – has been machine-gunned into our news feeds over the past few days, with each update more stupefying than the last.

One of those updates came via a video from Matt Hancock.

The former Health Secretary’s resignation statement – which didn’t include the grovelling apology very much deserved by the public – garnered a lot of reactions.

Comedian Alistair Green also reacted to the cringeworthy appearance – with his own version. It’s a comedic triumph, but not safe for work.

My buddy, Grant Shapps, said

“Look, let’s not judge him on hos private life. Let’s judge him on his time in office.”

That’s not ideal, I don’t think. Don’t really judge me on that, either.

Maybe, I don’t know, judge me on my charisma.

Alistair’s video was far more well received than Hancock’s.

You can tell it’s good, because it has that Partridge effect.

via Gfycat

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