Alex Scott had the perfect response to Sir Digby Jones’s accent snobbery

If you’ve been enjoying the spectacle of the Olympics, you’ll almost certainly have seen or heard former Arsenal footballer, Alex Scott, keeping us informed of the action.

Here she is, with a very powerful statement of support for Simone Biles, who stepped back from competing to focus on her mental health.

Sir Digby Jones, crossbench peer of the realm, has clearly heard Alex Jones commentating, but he doesn’t appear to have appreciated the experience, because he took to Twitter with this snarky thread.

His blatant snobbery was as well received as you’d expect.

Gary Neville, a man who knows a thing or two about punditry and having a regional accent, had this to say.

Alex read the peer’s post, and had this perfect response, which sends a really important message to young people contemplating their futures.

And the cherry on the cake? This …

Her reaction went down a lot better than his thread had.

Stephen Fry stepped in to deliver the coup de grâce.

As Shaparak Khorsandi pointed out –

And Jones, himself – how’s his elocution? Not great, it turns out.


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