Rick Astley is the Morrissey substitute we really did know we needed

We’re not Amazon, but if you liked Dave Grohl singing the songs of the Bee Gees with the other Foos as ‘The Dee Gees’, then you might also be interested in this.

So, Rick Astley has teamed up with the fantastic band, Blossoms, to cover songs by The Smiths.

What difference does it make? Well, with Morrissey now so problematic he’s made it tough for even die-hard fans to keep enjoying his back catalogue, it’s good to know that there’s a wholesome alternative – and he sounds great.

Of course, Twitter had thoughts.

Best-selling author, James Felton, had this excellent suggestion.

I suspect they only have to ask. If you want to see more of this charming man, no need to panic – just get those tickets quickly.


We’re never gonna give up watching Rick Astley’s hilarious technical secrets video

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