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This outrageously entitled 2-star review got entirely the responses it deserved

Early days we know but leading contender for entitled customer of the week is surely this, shared by Redditor Datsm1015 who said: ‘Not happy I paid for it.’

And it’s a proper jaw dropper.

It’s extraordinary enough that someone would have such a thought. But doubly – triply – so that they’d take the time to share it with others.

And it got entirely the responses it deserved.

‘Maybe don’t buy a $300 blanket then’

‘Or go sleep on a freezing street and wait for the blanket man🤷‍♀️’

‘I agree with OP I dont want a blanket especially if some gross dirty hobo gets one. I only want blankets stitched with the crushed dreams of the poor and down trodden.’

‘I wear shoes stitched with the hair of orphans. Get on my level.’

‘If I was insane enough to buy a 300 dollar blanket, I’d definitely prefer to buy it from a company that also donates them to the homeless.’

And also this.

‘Is no one going to mention it says CANADA but has a Mexico Republic flag next to it lmao.’

‘Bottom Canada strikes again.’

In case you wanted to know more, you can find out all about Hush’s ‘Give Back’ blanket donation programme here.


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Source Reddit u/Datsm1015 Image Pixabay