This TikTok doctor had the best response to an anti-mask video

Dr Karan Raj has become something of a superstar over on TikTok. He uses the platform in a very entertaining and informative way, often explaining medical issues in simple terms, sharing interesting medical trivia and debunking myths.

Many of those myths relate to Covid-19, like this –

@dr.karanr The truth! #factorcap #schoolwithdrkaran ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

Information that might have helped Right Said Fred avoid embarrassing themselves with a little home ‘science’.

A lot of people have particularly enjoyed the good doctor’s response to a claim that there are parasites in disposable masks. It contains a little NSFW language.

@dr.karanr Answer @siqitan ♬ original sound – Dr Karan Raj

Here’s a cross-section of TikTok users’ responses.

Finally, a special mention for grumpygamer83, who said

“It’s fine. It will help you fight Covid. It’s a lab dog.”

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