Ian Hislop on the Tory party and Russian oligarchs went viral all over again and it’s never been more important

This Have I Got News For You clip of Ian Hislop discussing the Tory party and its funding by Russian oligarchs has just gone viral all over again for reasons which presumably will be obvious.

Boris Johnson’s so-called ‘barrage’ of Russian sanctions was anything but and this context from Hislop is everything.

HIGNFY isn’t on right now so we’ll just have to watch it on repeat.

Well, that and Dan Walker’s expert dismantling of Liz Truss on BBC Breakfast this morning (just in case you haven’t seen it).

AKA Dan had some news for Liz …


Liz Truss said footballers should boycott a Russian final and Gary Lineker’s response said it best

Source Twitter @g_gosden @RussellEngland