Lauren Boebert’s misfiring attempt to mock Joe Biden was unintentionally hilarious

To the world of Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert who, as you will probably know by now, is no stranger to trolling Joe Biden.

Except it doesn’t always work out the way Boebert would have wanted, and this latest example is a classic case in point.

Here she is on Fox News with a jibe that she really hasn’t thought through to the end (not that her brain had particularly far to travel).

Presumably the words she was grasping for were Robin and Hood (and King John, not Prince John) although it’s probably best not to assume too much in this particular circumstance.

And it wasn’t her only unfortunate moment. She also got a bit mixed up when trying to mock Biden’s energy policy as well.

Come again? On second thoughts, don’t bother.

All hail the Sheriff of Thickingham.


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Source Twitter @Acyn H/T HuffPost