The special treat for this retiring airport sniffer dog is today’s loveliest thing

Here’s a lovely moment to put a smile on your face for a moment or two.

It’s a special treat for a returning airport sniffer dog after eight years of service and it’s just fabulous.

Just wonderful.

And here are our favourite things people said over on the subReddit r/mademesmile.

‘Mental note. Bring tennis balls when smuggling drugs.’

‘Smuggle drugs in tennis balls. That way when the dog hits on them they’re all like “freaking dog, that’s just another tennis ball!”

‘I bet they still found their favourite ball.’

“Hi, HR? Yeah, we’re throwing a retirement party for Steve. Yup, we’ll need the usual: Cake, balloons, and big suitcase full of cocaine. Yeah, for the dog 🤫 Thanks Pam.”

‘I also want a bag full of cocaine when i retire.’

Last word to this person.

‘Thank you for your service and to the kind handlers who set this up for him to enjoy and for him to enjoy himself.’


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