Mark Hamill had the best response to Ben Shapiro’s bigoted trolling

Late contender for takedown of the week is surely this, from Luke Skywalker himself (and no stranger to this sort of thing), Mark Hamill.

It began when @OccupyDemocrats tweeted this about an outrageous piece of state legislation in Florida aimed at restricting schools from teaching about sexual orientation and gender issues.

Dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill it also opens up teachers to lawsuits should they fail to comply.

Here’s what @OccupyDemocrats had to say.

And it caught the eye of Hamill, who retweeted it like this.

Right-wing commentator (and various other things) Ben Shapiro – you remember – then accused Hamill of trying to ‘indoctrinate small children into sexual and gender ideology’.

And Hamill’s response made everyone’s day better.


And finally, this.


Simply 17 glorious times Mark Hamill totally owned Donald Trump

Source Twitter @HamillHimself