This person’s takedown of a boss insisting they work on their day off is a supremely satisfying read

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ in which people call out their boss’s behaviour and occasionally features fabulous exchanges in which people tell their employer exactly what they can do with their job.

And this is a classic example of one of those, a story in three parts of a person who was told to come in on their day off.

It was shared by Redditor OnlyFansMod who began by saying this: ‘It’s my day off boss leave me alone!’

‘When do I tell my boss I’m quitting? (part 2)’

‘I QUIT MY JOB!! (Final part)’


And here are our favourite things people said about it.

“[Don’t] force the managers to do the low-level work”

‘Dude said the quiet part out loud. Unwillingness to the the “low-level work” is a hallmark of a shitty manager.’

“don’t let the managers do the low level work”

‘The superiority complex on that person actually makes me feel sick.’

“Low level work”

‘They mean the absolutely crucial work that needs to be done every day and night right? What an entitled asshat.’

‘Nobody’s mentioned this yet, but the manager checked the movie listings to see if the employee was lying about seeing Batman ? Even if he was – it’s his day off. F that manager.’


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Source Reddit u/OnlyFansMod