Jim Carrey’s verdict on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is two minutes very well spent

There have been more opinion about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars than there are people in the world, so forgive us for adding one more to the pile.

It’s Jim Carrey asked what he made of the whole thing on CBS and it’s two minutes very well spent.

And here are just a few of the many comments it prompted on Reddit.

‘No lies detected here.’

‘He’s absolutely right. And the part about Smith having some underlying issues with himself is the first thing I thought about when it happened. Chris just happened to be the path of least resistance to embody whatever issues Will is dealing with.’

‘I like the “It didn’t escalate!” response.

‘Jim has come a long way from even his inner demons.’

‘Yeah I had the exact same thought when she said “It escalated to that point”. Escalation is words exchanged. Will went from 1 to 100 with little warning. Glad Jim fought back on that point.’

‘That standing ovation after was wierd man…they stood and applauded a man dat a few moments before assaulted another person.’

‘I couldn’t believe it happened and then he’s giving us a crying speech about love, like he forgot he just bitch slapped another man on live TV. Everyone comforting Will like he’s a victim aswell, was just a weird thing to watch.

‘Just a room full of people so far removed from reality.’

‘Nailed it.

‘Not surprised Carrey is the one that points out Smith’s actions detracted from all the other winners and nominees. Carrey has always been one of the most selfless people in hollywood.

‘Jim Carrey has made a fool of himself in a lot of ways in recent years, but man does he really hit the nail on the head here.’



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